Eggtimer 3.1.5 for Mac OS X

Welcome this is the official page for Eggtimer 3.1.5 for Mac OS X.

June 24th, 2012:
I'm moving this page to my new website since Apple has decided to discontinue .Mac. Visit for all my current released software and other proejcts.

Download Eggtimer 3.1.5 for Mac OS X | Cocoateria: Esteban Uribe's Software website

Get source code for EggTimer 3.1 | Download Eggtimer 3.1 for Mac OS X

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About EggTimer

EggTimer is an addictive fast paced reminder tool, to help you on your daily journeys.
It can remind you when to take a periodic break, or when to drop off your kids at school.

Contact Information

For feedback and distribution information, please contact:
Esteban Uribe (esteban uribe mac com) (sorry for the lack of easy linking)
Make sure to remove the space between esteban and uribe and to add @ before mac and the dot before com before sending e-mail, or just download Eggtimer and hit the Feedback link :-)

NEXT/OpenStep/Yellowbox Version: Wassim Jabi (wj writeme com)

Mac OS X Version: Esteban Uribe

Special Thanks to:

"The software binary and source code are provided as is without any
warranty. Use at your own risk. You may freely copy and adapt the software
on the condition that you do not in any way gain financially from doing so."

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